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DOTS has 16 episodes but for all the fans around the world, it's too short for a very nice story.

Even thought I can never get to know him personally to say the same, I wish you inspire all around you in becoming and achieving their best. He's definitely my favorite actor next to Lee Hyun Woo :) He plays the roles of the film characters extremely well, and gives off a amazing aura. Saranghae joong ki ~~ I hope you make a great actor in the future. PLEASE PLEASE do create an IG and Twitter account oppa... It gives warmth and joy in our hearts and smile on our faces. Thats when I found out that he is intelligent and I also love his personality. You are phenomenal actor who has a bright future ahead of you. im so excited to see you out this may, i hope lots of project await of you..i watched all your movies and dramas.. Im your die hard fan Song Jong Ki because of your drama skills and of course your beautiful face that can capture the woman's heart. Im looking forward to see you:-) I love Song Joongki so much :') I've only watched A Werewolf Boy and the drama Descendants of the Sun, but both movie and drama have made me cry so hard. i keep on watching it again and again, still i can't move on of this drama. i'm so addict of this drama and a biggest fan of Song Joong ki and Song Hye Kwo from philippines.... Youre so perfect almost like god plus you are so handsome and a gentlemen. I regret not knowing you earlier, you are such a talented and tremendous actor especially with the character you play in DOTS.... I also watched one of your interviews on You Tube where the interviewer asked why you didn't have any Instagram & Twitter account where you simply replied that you were not familiar with the social media sites... You look really good when you are cracking a humor. We look forward to your visiting the Philippines also. Right now everyone is like OMG song joongki oppa saranghaeyo & shit but he's gonna be like Kim soo Hyun, ji Chang wook and Lee min ho. When I start watching DOTS thats when i became a fan of song joong ki I'll be honest its beacuse of his looks then after that I started searching on google about him even in my social media accounts. Hope to see you in more drama and movie but more in drama! Many wishes for your good luck I m a great fan of yours.. he as amazing abs, his english is sexy, he protects me, and his awasome. I also hope that your success doesn't get you and changes your kind heart. And CELEBRATE THE MOMENT when Song joong ki makes his comeback, and all of us, no matter where you're from, support him from now till the end. and even your photos are my wall paper, homescreen and lockscreen.. Today in Chengdu you and Hye Kyo Unnie was looking like a perfect couple. Can't wait to see him play more roles in more films and movies! But I am giving up on you because of Hye Kyo Unnie.... Hope you will get many popular drama in future like Descendants Of The Sun..... I'm officially now your #1 fan :) can't wait for your upcoming dramas... May our heavenly father continue to shower you with his blessings and hope for more success in your acting career... SARANGHAE OPPA ❤️❤️ okay my husband looks really hot and sexy during this show. With your personality, character, upbringing and education I hope you can reach to where you determine to go. im so excited to see you out this coming may, i hope lots projects await of you..i watched all your movies and dramas.. and even your photos are my wall jong ki oppa.. No one else could have painted it the way you did, Joong Ki.. It's embarrassing to see myself becoming a fan of someone I would never have met in real life. I fell in love with you since wathing My Fair Lady! You're very inspiring and I really want to meet you. I really love you and hope that you will remain as one of the best actors in South Korea. ♥ I somehow wish to see you sooner together with the RM casts esp oppa Kwangsoo... I just thought, "Oh he's handsome and has such flowery image. I don't watch drama based on the actor but when it comes to this soong I make an expection. Not just a pretty face but he's really one of the most amazing actors in the industry. Never thought you and Hyekyo unni would have SO MUCH chemistry! not too sure about him playing tough guy super hero, or any role that requires physicality, it is almost as convincing as him playing soldier for two years in the korean army. hi joong ki, congrats n good luck to your up coming drama descendants of the sun, its been a while not seeing u in a small scene, just excited finally next week the long wait is over...that deep hushky voice ,,,.fighting.

Your character in DOTS is a beautiful work of art... You are not only looking good, you are as well good in acting. Your talent is increasing in every drama and in "The descendants of the sun" you are showing the best acting I have ever seen. ...from INDIA.....:) I have been watching Song Joongki since he mc-ed for Music Bank. What a comeback show for such a talented actor like you. ❤️ joongki is still the best as antihero in the innocent man, his natural prettiness is made for that role.

FIGHTING Oppa..are an inspiration...brilliant at everything you do...

Remain humble and thankful you have been blessed with the complete pkg. Looking forward on more projects of yours Joong Ki i hate falling in love with a celebrity but u make my heart beat everytime you smile i think you're one of the mot skilled actors i've ever seen, wish you more and more success because you deserve it .

I hope that I see you soon here in the philippines. Love you all.:) Recently saw DOTS thanks to Zindagi TV. Descendants of the I loved your acting in descendent of sun. It makes me remember Choclate cream soldier from Arms and the Man by GB Shaw. U are sweet ,cool,amazing,charming,handsome,and cute nd most of all the way u smile.. Now a days I m watching ur show in Hindi language ..... but, no srsly, he's smart, he can act, he can rap, he can sing... Even Captain Yoo still have cute face but he is so manly, cool, mature and sexy.

And your voice whatever iam writing this is the first time not a fb useruser so i hav no idea about these type of things but i had to say something about this serial so i found this crazy about this serial.i didn't know who is sjk but after this serial i like u so much ....i also want to say if i'll get chance in future i'll definitely meet u . :) It's impossible to meet you, but maybe it's possible to greet me on my birthday. Seeing you come back with "Descendants of the Sun" drama made me so proud of you. there's literally nothing he can't do, except for dancing and drawing ;). defs my ideal type Always love all Song Joong Ki do, and Dot S is amazing.

I really like your acting in the descendants of the sun. You know how much I admire you in Music Bank & Running Man. I like him more now :) I so love this guy, it's crazy. can't wait for the drama to finish cos am one of does ppl who don't see a drama till Its over. I'm waiting for it since Innocent Man many of your fans here in the Philippines are waiting for your upcoming drama. I mean I love " The Innocent Man " (-u-)(*@*)/( - )\ But the other one I don't know too. Before I love to read novel book but now I love to watch Korean Drama every night. Sometime I like this actor or actress but next time I hate them. Before I am Thai drama fan but now never watch Thai drama anymore. But to all korean directors I request to cast song joong ki and park bo young again in some another drama so that we can watch them together more . Hi :) i just finished watching nice guy (the innocent man) and it was so so so good! you still look good after returning : D i can't wait to see you in next weeks episode of running man~ hwaiting!