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Muslim dating sites org

A 28-year-old lawyer in the Northeast, Noura wanted someone U.

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“I don’t think talking to a person online and looking at random people’s pictures is the right way to find a husband or a wife,” says El Jamal.“The fiance cannot sit alone with the female, cannot step outside alone with her,” said Kifah Mustapha from the Mosque Foundation in Chicago, which functions as a prayer hall and community center that offers free marital counseling.In other words, no going along to the movies or restaurants, nothing resembling American-style dating rituals.Instead of sitting at home and fielding candidates from family and friends, women are visiting Internet dating sites, where they post profiles about themselves and, if they choose, make the first move by actively searching for men and initiating online conversations.Many of the sites also offer forums for discussion where women can mull over dating, sex and marriage.Shiva Ghaed, a therapist-columnist on, says she routinely fields questions that range from reproductive anatomy to rejection. “As a therapist I’ve seen and talked about everything.” Ghaed, whose father is Iranian, says she grew up in a traditional home where relationships were not discussed.

“The mentality is ‘If we’re not having sex, then why ask questions about it? “If we don’t talk about it that doesn’t solve the problem.” Ghaed says she gets letters from women worried about not being virgins.

Some sites, such as, which has 275,000 members including Arab Muslims and Christians, cater to ethnic communities.

Others, like and, are for Muslims of all ethnicities.

They fear this will be an embarrassment to the family and an issue when it comes to marriage.

Some are worried if they decide to arrange meetings with potential mates from online–and possibly date–they will butt heads with their families.

What solution do you propose for the Arab-Israeli conflict?