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Nudes wechat account

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Although the focus is on targeting pornography and other sexually explicit media, the CAC’s crackdown on sites accused of ‘rumour-spreading’ is a guise for controlling free speech on politically sensitive matter.

320, was charged with sexual cyber harassment, according to an arrest report by the Gainesville Police Department.Like the earlier Fappening leaks, this time too, the images and videos were leaked by unknown hackers on the image boarding website, 4Chan and Reddit.For those who are new to Fappening, this name was given by the image borders of 4Chan when the unknown hacker started leaking the celebrity images.The case began about a year ago when the woman was contacted via text message by someone with whom she had supposedly had a Facebook conversation, which she did not remember. Screenshots of nude photos of the woman that had been posted to the Facebook account were forwarded to her.The woman recognized them as pictures either taken by Jackson or that she had sent only to him.Police served a warrant on Facebook and traced the account to Jackson.

Additional photos of the woman were found along with messages that had her name and phone number, police said.

The CAC also listed advertisements for illicit drugs and products for sexual enhancement and sexually transmitted diseases as illegal, along with voyeuristic content and suggestive leaked media.

In February, the CAC allegedly removed over 60,000 online accounts, including dating and match-making services, as they were classed as promoting gossip, pornography and terrorism and that the circumstances surrounding the pages “were serious and the effects terrible.” The agency also revealed that it had launched a special hotline for the public to report any suspect webpages.

Before this NSFW Celebgate leak, we had the hackers releasing similar explicit images of Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski in last week of February.

In all the above cases, unknown hackers hacked the Hollywood celebrities i Cloud account and leaked their explicit images and private albums.

Chinese internet regulator, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), has today announced new rules surrounding sexual and vulgar content published online across Tencent Holding’s popular messaging app, We Chat.