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at least half your pedalboard) in dark surroundings.

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Up until now this pedal seems like a quite common overdrive pedal - right?The Volume- and Drive- controls affect the signal in a familiar way controlling the output volume level and the amount of distortion, respectively.The Tone control on the other hand affects only the high frequency content, leaving the bass signals pretty much unaffected when the high range is tuned.Fulltone, an American effects manufacturer founded by Michael Fuller, has been active since 1991 in Los Angeles, California.Although their production is not quite in mass production scale, Fulltone has delivered tens of thousands of high quality hand-built pedals and sound devices globally.Thus you don't lose the bottom end when dialing in more high-end.

According to the manufacturer, the LP mode is designed to affect the original sound as little as possible, which especially in a clean boost is very desirable.

really digging your pick into the strings) the sound swells up and increases to a growling, full-bodied distortion – the playing touch thus dictates the amount of distortion of the signal, without changing the output volume level too much.

This pedal works and sounds pretty much like you would expect a good tube amplifier with tubes at the verge of cooking to sound.

A similar circuit topology is used in many other distortion pedals as well (e.g.

the Proco Rat), but Fulltone uses a very clever modification that significantly separates this unit from most others.

A clear example of the dynamic behavior of the OCD can be seen by examining the input and output signal waveforms (voltage) while playing the same sample through the OCD with different volume levels without touching the settings of the pedal.