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me: no makeups only a little lip gloss neelima: ok ok what is the theme? neelima: how it finishes and all me: ok u have a laptop which suddenly faces some problems neelima: ok ok me: u call a technician thats me neelima: ok me: and i on investigation find some porn stuffs and i mistakenly play one neelima: ok ok me: and it leads to sex neelima: ok start me: u ring me up neelima: hi ,i am neelima calling me: hi neelima this is anil here neelima: i have a problem with my laptop can u repair it? neelima: its not connecting to internet me: ok how do you connect to the internet mam? me: i think u have a virus mam let me check the files neelima: ok anil...u do it...i am not able to access internet for a week now me: ok mam give me some time i suddenly find a hidden folder and curious open the files neelima: I am standing near the looking in the lap me: and a naked girl just flashes on the screen and a video starts the sound startles u and u come to have a look neelima: omg what anil.told u to open it?neelima: using bsnl men says that their line is ok they are saying that it is lap's problem me: oh ho for that i need to see ur laptop neelima: ohh.u come now? u give the lap to give me dont open my personal files me: i thought this was a virus mam m sry mam neelima: dont open hidden folders eventhough i am angry, I am blushed me: if u dont mind shall i say something neelima?

You: * i am fumbling * Stranger: Fix my sink please ! You: mam u look better without it Stranger: Umm can you fix my " Sink " You: oh yes i surely will You: and i tightly hug you You: and start kissing Stranger: *husband walks in* John help *husband pulls out gun* Shoots you* Now your dead you perv.neelima: no me: ok fine then how abt computer technician client?neelima: ok ok thats good me: so i am the technician neelima: ok me: u call me neelima: tell whats ur name,age,ur dress etc me: anil 23 i wear tshirt and jeans neelima: what color? thank u i have a is 2 years old u just check the laptop..its vibrating in my mouthhhhh i cant control it in my mouthhhh me: i bring it out and pick u up now i pull ur saree out of ur waist and u r in ur petticoat neelima: i pull the string and it falls down neelima: hmmmm me: we r both naked neelima: oh anil me: i hug u and put a finger in u in this position i put u on bed and spread ur legs hey wad happened?Stranger: i fucked my aunty yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You: nice Stranger: ya it was nice You: hw many times did u fuck?

Stranger: 4 times You: nice man Stranger: he whole noght Stranger: night You: hw did u convince her to fuck dude? You: kolkata Stranger: its close You: hindi me chat karein?

also servent may come anil me: bring ur daughter here u can feed her if she cries neelima: hmm....i went down and took my daughter to room i put her in her craddle in bedroom then i turned back and looked u me: i come close and untie a knot of your blouse with my teeth neelima: oh anil....

oh yea.breath is becoming heavy me: i go back and am opening ur blose knots with my teeth one by one and my hands move from ur hips to the breasts neelima: oh anil..u are soo naughtyyy kiss me more anilnn me: ur blouse is now open and i pull down ur pallu neelima: kiss me anil me: i kiss u heavil y neelima: i felt shy and i closed my chest with my hands crossed me: i hold them kiss u on yor shoulders and remove them neelima: mmmm...mangalasutra is hanging in my neck and its over my boobs now i moved my hands around ur body and start feeling ur backk anil.....u know how strong i need u me: yes and u start opening my t shirt neelima: i startd opening it..raise ur hands anil me: now i have bare chest u have bare breasts i take u in my arms and hhug u tightly neelima: i am clothed till my waist from my waist i am kissing u ohh anilnn kiss me me: i kiss u and stroking fingers on ur bare back neelima: my hands are moving around ur hair..

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me: i even kiss u on ur shoulders and ears neelima: kiss me dearrr me: we are kissing suddenly u catch my penis over my pants neelima: hmmm.yessss anilnnnnn wow anil..u are soo hard me: dont u need it neelima?