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I can go on…all the morality being bandied about by the religious hypocrites with the tacit agreement of UMNO leaders is just hypocrisy at its worst.

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We are all know what is happening in the shaddy corners and dark recesses of Kuala Lumpur and other cities in our country.They were also able to afford to drink mostly overseas, but they give no thought to those who have to go to the local coffee shop for their glass of stout or beer. As for illegal sexual activities, are these Malays trying to say they have not strayed at all, not even once in their lives? Many of them who appear religious in appearance and speech actually have a big appetite for the opposite sex. When I was growing up in Kelantan we always crossed the Golok River for some fun, and there were thousands of others over the weekend.We were not looking for mangoes my friend, and PAS was in charge of the state government all that time.Melbourne is a city that allows me to do as I please because I know nobody here and yet it is the most exciting and alive city that I have ever lived in – London, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur included.Imagine how liberating it is to walk around Melbourne and not know anyone else but the family you love. I started this article wanting to have my say about the hypocrisy of Malaysians who shun Western culture because it corrupts Malaysians – especially the young.Like the proverbial Dato’s – throw a stone and more often than not you will strike a Malay girl whose idea of a good time is having high tea at a Five Star Hotel coffee house and then adjourning with her paramour for the evening to an upstairs room and there continue with her tête-à-tête with a Dato’, a Tan Sri or just anybody with enough money to make it worth her while to do as she is told.

A few hours on her back will buy her all that her heart desires! I am not saying that Malay girls are loose and lack morals but it would do good if the religious authorities busy themselves with these kind of sexual activities between consenting unmarried Malays (I say consenting because when you have good money to throw after bad girls the girls will invariable consent to any activity that is requested of them).

Melbourne is now home because all that I want in life is here.

And all that I want in life is to live a life of my own choosing.

I ask this question of the Malays—the timid and false Malays.

There has been almost total silence from those in the Malay community who are against hudud, with the exception of Tan Sri Ani Arope and a few lawyers I know. Do they really want their children’s hands and feet to be amputated for theft, for drinking a glass of beer, for illicit sexual intercourse?

Having lived abroad for so long, I know what western culture entails and being Malaysian, I know what Malaysian culture or more exactly, what Islamic culture in Malaysia is like. There are more prostitution and massage parlors in Kuala Lumpur than in the whole of Sydney, Melbourne and London put together.