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She was also a guitarist with folk duo the Polekats, with whom she wrote some of her earliest material.

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Or they will be able to share best practices on B2B customer acquisition or user retention for digitally native vertical brands.We wanted it to be a reason to believe that Cincinnati and the Midwest could be a destination for startups – and the Venture Capitalists that invest in them.We are a long way from ringing the bell and declaring success in that mission. As we move into 2017, The Brandery is refining the focus of the accelerator program in order to do our part in better helping entrepreneurs.Since day one, everyone involved in The Brandery has been involved because of that mission.The equity that we receive from startups in exchange for their participation in The Brandery does not go to investors.We are called The Brandery because we believed (and still do) that the skills of building a brand could be as valuable for tech startups as they could be for large consumer packaged goods.

We also believed that we could uniquely involve mentors from the halls of large companies who were leading their organization’s efforts in embracing digital marketing and marketing tech.

Every year, I am asked the question of what helps a company achieve success in The Brandery.

And every year, my answer is the same: the companies that help others the most are the ones that succeed the most themselves.

Instead, it sits in an endowment that we hope to use in the support of entrepreneurs.

I write that because in 2010, the city that The Brandery calls home was a very different place for entrepreneurs.

We have come a long way in seven years, but I look forward to seeing how much further we go thanks to the startups that join The Brandery family in the years to come.