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Playing cat and mouse dating

However, if you play the cat and mouse game with a player, they'll be like...well move on to the next one.

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So why should we all not act and treat each other as equals in the game of "life", instead of the game of "cat and mouse"?Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...When it comes to human relations, it is more common that the results occurred IN SPITE OF the method or "tricks" that are used.In the case of playing cat and mouse, it is probably true that if a woman insists that the guy do all the work for the first period of time, that if he does put that work in, that he is genuinely interested.That way, they aren't required to talk to them/date them if it is inconvenient at the moment.

I think a part of the apparently non-stop reason for this confusion, is that so many people think that RESULTS prove that the METHOD was correct.

I think many men could and would grow tired of doing all of the work for 3 months.............3 months CAN be a long time : O haha What do you all think ??

To the men, would you be willing and ready to do all of the legwork for 3 months and to the ladies, do you think you could refrain from contacting the man for 3 months and playing it by ear, so to speak???

The other person will call and text, then when he starts talking about how much he will have me one day, I love you shit..this..when I tell him off, he's like forget you then. Yeah, I agree it's just that I can' t seem to get the man that I really want to play the cat and mouse game with.

:)))))))))God I hate, really hate, "cat and mouse" games when it comes to dating, relationships, and the woman/man thing!!

Life is just to short for all this game playing and "tit for tat" bull that so many insist needs to be done to prove that the other really wants to be with them, and to show some form of superiority........ If you want to call, do so, if you do not, fine, but do not blame me if I choose to do the same.