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Polite brush off dating

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Finish or dispose of, especially quickly and easily.

Personally I think both of them are a bit cowardly.This usage, dating from the early 1800s, came from boxing, where it originally meant "to defeat an opponent quickly and easily." By the 1830s it was used more generally.Have you met someone through online dating that you are now trying to get rid of?Many women will recognize a List Man as the type they've trampled as they ran after a "real man." You know, the "real man" who will invite you for drinks along with all his work buddies and then leave you languishing at the bar while he plays another round of pool. The up-side of the List was obvious to me, but I can hear the protestations:* Doesn't it leave him holding all the cards?(Not if you're the one enforcing the rules.)* Doesn't it strengthen the societal pressure to marry? If I'm an online dater, I have to wait for him to make the first move (how retro! The authors seem to imply that by simply reassessing my goals and figuring out what it is I must have in a man, I'll unleash a torrent of List-worthy prospects. I can see their point: he may not look or act the way I expect Prince Charming to look or act, so I need to keep my eyes and ears open, but still, it seems like quite a leap of faith.You can either call them and tell them, or wait for them to contact you and then decline the date, explaining there won't be any more dates. These statements and behaviours are virtual guarantees that they are no longer interested: Unanswered messages and phone calls.

Your phone calls always go straight through to voice mail or message bank. "It's not you, it's me." "We just aren't in the same place right now." "I'm too busy for a relationship right now." Effective and Fast Brush Off Lines: I want to get married and have your baby as soon as possible. Ultimately, the most effective and the most polite way of giving your online dating friend the brush off is to use a little tact and honesty.

Ignoring phone calls, texts and emails is the coward's way out.

Give the person a call and tell them that you don't think it is going to go anywhere. If you have actually met up in person then dumping them by text or email is rude.

Theres this girl I met a couple of mths ago but only really started talking to her on fb two weeks back.

nice chatting with you" Is this a standard polite way to brush someone off the phone?

(My advice: don't read it if you're not interested in finding a husband; the pressure's been there and it's not going anywhere. Let's just say for the sake of argument that I've signed on to the List philosophy. That said, since having read the book, I find myself much less tolerant of sluggish dating behavior.