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Polokwane brothels

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I loved the risk, the risk involved with doing this shit. I was carrying moons – crack cocaine, it comes in moons and half moon blocks.

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But I have a beautiful five-year-old girl who needs me and I need her. In my first semester I had less than R10,000 in my account and that wasn’t going to cover me pretending to be going to school. I was kind of desperate and while browsing the newspaper, I found an ad which happened to be for a brothel but it was disguised as a massage parlour. They said, “Don’t worry, we’ll hide it.” But I’m a smoker as well and that used to be a problem because the Nigerians, they don’t want a smoker because it’s risky giving an addict drugs to take somewhere. Anyway, the first place I went to was Polokwane, Limpopo. They made small incisions in my jeans and put some stuff in there. But that was easy because I would just jump in the taxi and go to Limpopo.Potential Prostitutes accepts submissions from anonymous sources claiming to have information about women who work in the sex industry and posts not only their photographs but their personal contact details too.The site maintains that it is not responsible for background checks or the veracity of the accusations, and that anyone who wishes to have their profile removed - innocent or not - will be charged $100.He has since ensured us that he will comply,” Ngobese said.The children were removed by social workers and members of the Family Violence Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) unit.In this instalment of Street Life, Susan, a 28-year-old former prostitute and local drug mule living on the streets of Hillbrow shares her story. It didn’t work out, unfortunately, because I’m a druggy. They have their own way of knowing that the drop-off has been made and then I would come back. Any Nigerian who walks around gets searched like mad, but for an innocent passer-by like me, the risk is minimal. Then the (white guy) introduced me to the (traffickers) and I was baffled as to how I was going to move this stuff. I had it in my luggage and in the seams of my clothes.

I have a five-year-old daughter and smoked throughout my pregnancy. He was white and a foreigner and now works in Thailand, of all places. The Nigerian would be walking in front; I would follow him innocently, just casually walking with 10 moons on me. I take them from here to way up there, maybe 10 blocks away, because the risk involved with the cops.

Pietermaritzburg police spokesperson Mthokozisi Ngobese said although there were no acts of prostitution taking place when police arrived, one of the women admitted they charge an hourly rate of R50.

“The owner has been notified and was given 14 days to remove the illegal occupants from his property.

I did everything aside from anal and chocolate showers (it has nothing to do with chocolate, or a shower – GN). It was fun because I learnt a whole lot of new things. Now I got into the drugging so that was going to be impossible. It’s difficult to say that you won’t drug because you’ll lose out on a lot of money. I learnt of the Sands in Hillbrow and learnt that I could score the drugs cheaper around here. There’ll be female cops more into bribery than doing their job.

It’s not easy to discipline yourself when you’re in a brothel in terms of not drugging because the majority of the clients are on drugs. A client will never take a non-smoker because it’s going to be awkward when your client is busy smoking if you’re sober-minded. She used to lace it in a joint with weed and it would fuck me up like nobody’s business. The fear would be there, but you just have to pray to God that everything goes smoothly. They’d give me money depending on how much I carried, but the most I would make would be R8,000. There was a consignment that I took to the border of Mozambique.

We had to rescue the children immediately,” the source said.