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Provo dating app

“We want people to laugh about the challenges of Mormon dating and then pick up their phones and do something about it,” Harkey said in a press release.

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…”Everyone went to Mutual growing up and that’s what the app is about.“I remember when Tinder first appeared it was a huge hit everywhere,” Boice, co-founder of Mutual, said.“I was in Provo and it was a big hit in Provo as well. But since Tinder first appeared, it’s reputation has become something that most LDS singles aren’t interested in.” Dating became increasingly difficult for Boice when he moved to Arizona after graduation from BYU."We've tapped into a new market," Tinder CMO and co-founder Justin Mateen said."The growth has been astronomical."Attempts at reaching this untapped audience have been met with varying degrees of success.Mutual was born, which gives Mormon singles a chance to connect and date other Mormon singles with similar values and relationship goals. The holdup came in the technology — Mutual was only available on i OS, limiting the network of single Mormons.

Requests came flooding in for Mutual to create an Android version of the app, so on Jan.

“Really when I moved to Arizona I realized that if you jump on a dating app it was pretty much useless because no one was LDS,” Boice said.

“You’d have to swipe through at least a hundred people to find anyone that is LDS.” In April 2016, Boice joined with his technologically savvy friends to create a dating app that focuses more on what he is looking for — a match made for the temple.

PROVO, Utah – A popular dating app has named Provo, Utah, the top city for Valentine’s Day this year after it scored the most dating matches in Feb. Tinder officials say Provo is followed by New York City, Austin and Los Angeles for pairing up the most couples around Valentine’s Day.

Mutual, an LDS dating app, has multiple filters for safety.

Let your Tinder dreams become a reality.""Provo is known for getting married as fast as possible," Mease said, but dating apps and websites could change the way students meet their future spouse because it's more convenient. If it doesn't go well in chat, you don't have to give them your number."Mease never used a dating app or website before Tinder, but has now been dubbed the "Tinder guru" by her friends. But now I have over 100 matches, so I just keep doing it."Mease's story isn't unique.