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A few months ago she shared an image of a skeleton and added, ‘To all those who keep commenting on my weight, whether its a full picture, or a close up where you cant see jack. Now get this: 1) this aint ever gonna be me 2) get over it.

To top it all, she has cropped her hair short and flaunts her new and improved self with much aplomb. Image source: Disclaimer: The Health does not guarantee any specific results as a result of the procedures mentioned here and the results may vary from person to person.Here are a few other things I know about him with the help of Twitter, that you probably don't need to know.So to sum it up, you may or may not like him, but you're going to see a lot of him.While some people have praised Deepika's efforts, some have trashed it.Sonakshi Sinha who is known for portraying the quintessential small-town Indian woman onscreen, has back-to-back releases lined up in the coming weeks.The topics in these pages including text, graphics, videos and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha says she will not be playing a Pakistani journalist in the film 'Noor', which is based on Pakistani author Saba Imtiaz's novel 'Karachi, You're Killing Me'.

Her trainer put her on a high-protein, low-carb diet to support her strenuous workout.

She also drank several cups of green tea throughout the day and kept herself hydrated with adequate amount of water.

She lost a few kilos in a month which boosted her morale.

But it wasn’t an easy ride as her gym sessions left her with constant aches and pains.

Also read – ‘Achieving the slim and toned look wasn’t easy says Sona.’ Here’s what she did: Thrice-a-week, she also did hot yoga.