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Such services would be provided under a special 1559 code and would be accessible by means of a PIN number.

and 10 p.m., the most likely period for under-age calling.After yesterday's hearing, in which several steps to limit access to the lines were outlined, Mr O'Connor said he was happy with the outcome.He paid tribute to the judge for expediting the case with "vigour, intent and vast enthusiasm." During the hearing it was stated that Eircom was deeply concerned and particularly shocked at the content of some of the material which had been put before the court.Eircom shared the court's concern about children's access to such material.After undertakings were given yesterday to go ahead with the proposals outlined, Mr Justice Kearns adjourned the case generally.Here is some info about me what I like and don't like ect My Age is : 30 My vital statistics are measurements 36, 28 ,36 I am Blond but not dumb and no that's not unusual for an Irish girl ,in fact I am a qualified nurse and sometimes I sneak into the office in the hospital for a quick bit of phone sex but I can only manage this using the night shift.

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Ms O'Brien said Eircom had contractual agreements with 62 service providers.

The majority provided their services in a lawful manner and in accordance with the code of practice.

All callers must make a verbal statement on accessing the lines.

This would be a short sentence introducing the caller, which could then be used to determine if the caller was under age.

Mr O'Connor was allowed costs against Eircom for two of the three days of the action.