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This is because during the beef controversy the LDF fought for the right to eat and this helped them during the local body elections. The UDF and its Muslim powerhouse IUML will be sending a message across to the voters that if Congress loses Kerala (and Assam), it will be a boost for BJP's dream of a 'Congress Mukt Bharat! They have been at the forefront of many social justice movements in the state. The BJP has been silently working on this through VHP and RSS.Free in Telugu mobile phone chat rooms including sex gender girls and boys on mobile Telugu adult mobile chat, mobile sex chat talking in Telugu.Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala government will launch a registry of sex offenders, the first of its kind in the country, Governor Justice (Retd) P Sathasivam said here today.The registry will contain all identification details of sex offenders and would be kept in public domain, he said while detailing plans to check atrocities against women in the state. Addressing the opening day of the fourth session of the 14th Legislative Assembly, Sathasivam also said that the CPI(M)-led LDF government will set up a comprehensive relief fund for victims of sex crimes.How much will the BJP dent and who will they dent in key Thiruvananthapuram constituencies could decide the fate of the front runner LDF. Sarita Nair and her bedtime stories titillated and scandalised many.

The other factor - will women who constitute a majority will vote for the UDF for the partial prohibition and phased total prohibition. But the lady lost credibility by her constant change in screenplay.

With 24 lakh new voters these considerations might not be important. This elections could be best chance ever for Narendra Modi and his party.

On UDF election calculators they would put 27 to 30% of the total votes including 46% Minority vote. Chandy is publicly challenging Modi step by step including taking him on for his Somalia comment but his eye will be on how much the BJP will poll. Let me put this this way - the CPM is more worried about the BJP than the Congress.

Sathasivam also said the increasing impunity of sexual offences due to lack of social deterrence is a growing concern all over the country.

To address the issues of women, the LDF government has decided to create a separate department for women, which is in the final stage of operationalisation, and will set up all women police stations at the taluk levels, he said.

The flight to Kerala is full of travellers going for summer vacations. I am off to find out which political front will be on holiday for the next five years from ruling the state.