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Staff were friendly (most of them)This is a very good hotel if you are looking for a great place to sleep.

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Clean today and modern, with shpwer double bed, tv and the lpcation is central. The free continental is a winner and the staff are all suoer helpful! Good hotel, clean rooms, on an excellent location to access the center of Brussels on foot and next to the shopping street. Remember to get your own shampoo and be ready to check in yourself.With good food and beer at prices that don’t demand a eurocrat’s salary, demand is high so you may need to queue.Slightly stranded on the edge of the lower town, the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula (20) (00 32 ; is a mostly 16th-century Gothic structure whose elaborate pulpit dominates the nave. It opens for visits 8.30am-6pm at weekends, from 7am on weekdays.My colleagues in Brussels could not be clearer: yes, they would love for Britain to stay and to play a part, but the integrity of Europe is more important than good terms for, say, the German car industry.A handy tourist office (7), more grandly known as the House of the Capital Region, is located on Place Royale (00 32 ; Why she'll like it: There's not a woman on the planet these days who doesn't like sushi. Why she'll like it: You wouldn't think she'd want to wander amidst the Brussels sprouts and organic endive with you, but, trust us, she does. Don't spend more than: $25; you don't want to blow your salary on heritage tomatoes.

After all that Donald Trump has said about Brussels, we decided to make a guide to the real Brussels. We handpicked the most inspirational, weird, trashy and above all shittiest places so you and your family/friends/Craigslist date will have a wonderful time exploring all the shit our capital has to offer. Or, as they say in Brussels “kraagt vliegend schaat en keut ermkes”!

Surprisingly, a lot of our choices matched up with the female suggestions for an easy night on the wallet that follow. Don't spend more than: $50; its not just wine — it's Why she'll like it: There's something about a good bottle, odiferous cheeses, and a blanket spread that makes us swoon. Don't spend more than: $30; the more you drink, the better you'll both think you sound. Why she'll like it: If you live in a big city, chances are you can catch some fantastic performances in the park without selling an arm and a leg to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in an auditorium watching some overhyped band lip-sync. Don't spend more than: $40; mostly for booze -- and sunscreen.

Don't spend more than: $100; a nice Syrah, a round of Brie, and, you know, crackers. What you'll get: A sore throat, vague memories, and the erotic rewards of humiliating yourself in public. Don't spend more than: $40; mostly for booze -- and sunscreen.

It was a new experience considering that we are used to hospitality in the travel industry which was non-existent here.

The hotel is located close to the nice spots in Brussels and has a few eating spots as well. Well the only excellent thing about this hotel is location. Pretty noisy and you can hear your neighbor talking.

Just a couple from the Huyghe Brewery will keep your spirits high: Campus, the 5 per cent house blond, just €4.30 for half a litre; and Delirium Tremens, which costs €3.60 for a smaller glass of a 9 per cent brew.