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With compassion and understanding, I offer a proven way to achieve a thorough recovery.

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Whatever aspect you need to talk about, I can help.""Addiction can happen to anyone, and the underlying wounds that fuel it need to be healed.Couples that want to remain together must face the cauldron of abandonment and betrayal and learn understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness. When a couple commits to finding solutions with the support of a experienced therapist, they can rebuild a relationship rooted in healing and trust.""Relationship infidelities due to sex addiction leave a partner feeling fractured and traumatized.I am a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) at Kavod Center for Addiction Recovery specializing in partner trauma.Therapy will uncover any self-destructive beliefs or habits that prevent a fuller expression of who you know you can be.Our work and my hope for you would be to experience feeling more fully alive with a sense of joy, purpose and freedom.""Do you seek to cultivate and live in more joy?I am honored to accompany my clients on their journey of recovery and offer a non-shaming and affirming treatment philosophy that allows healing in multiple areas, without fear of judgment.

I strive to identify and harness their individual strengths, instill hope, and reflect unconditional positive regard for those in my care.

By seeking input from my client, I am able to assess the client's strengths that can be developed further and select the interventions that should provide the best possible outcomes.

In addition, a person-centered focus allows for an eclectic approach to the treatment of Internet addiction, sex addiction, and co-occurring mental health issues including trauma and/or alcohol and drug addiction.""As a Clinical Social Worker, I believe that a collaborative, person-centered therapeutic approach is the most beneficial.

I would be happy to talk with you about your situation and explore how therapy could help you find the way out.

I understand about addiction, trauma, and the difficulty of feeling safe and learning to trust again.

It only takes that first courageous step away from the pain, confusion or fear toward the path of freedom and the life you desire.