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Sex in hotel chat

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Is it OK to let a room-service attendant set your breakfast table while the door is shut?

Andria Babbington, who worked for 17 years as a hotel housekeeper and is now a union representative in Toronto, says she still remembers the first time it happened to her.HOW IT WILL WORK At the event we will ask you to write down all the sex questions you woud like Dr. These questions will be read out anonymously at the workshop.If you would like to send in your questions ahead of time you can send them to [email protected] About Mind Matters Mind Matters is a group dedicated to spreading the best practices and techniques of improving your mind.Dominique Strauss-Kahn won’t go down in history as the next president of France, but he may well be remembered as the man who made the “hospitality industry” a lot less hospitable.More than a few business travelers think of sex as a hotel amenity, like free shampoo or chocolates on the pillow, and before Strauss-Kahn’s perp walk on charges that he sexually assaulted a cleaning woman, most hotels looked the other way. After an Egyptian businessman was carted out of New York’s swanky Pierre hotel by the NYPD late last month for allegedly sexually assaulting a maid, the hotel said it will arm all its room attendants with panic buttons.It starts with the helpful bellman who’s ready with strip-club recommendations, extends upstairs to the pay-per-view porn, and back down to the lobby where semipros work the bars with a wink and nod to management.

Kristin Davis, the former madam of choice for Eliot Spitzer and the recently deceased composer Joseph Brooks, says that when she was fully operational she had staffers inside Manhattan’s Ritz-Carlton and Gansevoort working as middlemen for her (the Ritz-Carlton denied knowledge of the matter; the Gansevoort declined to comment).

Is it even OK to chat up the attendant in the elevator?

Maybe not, to hear a Regency Hotel employee in New York, who says male guests sometimes mistake her friendliness and smiles—which are job requirements—as flirtation.

Gomez paid for the room and went to the hotel with the girl. Police said Gomez punched the man in the face and hit him with his own backpack.

He also took $120 in cash and stole the victim’s car.

In 2006 former vice president Al Gore was accused of groping and kissing a massage therapist at a hotel in Portland, Ore.