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For the most part, asread has a long track record of having excellent art in their works. Yuko Goto, who played Menace from Queen’s Blade, also played Asahina from Haruhi. I’ve heard her voice in so many supporting roles and am a big fan of hers, but I had no idea she played Asahina. _____________ First off, getting a 1080p BD rip for a series that aired in 2005 is incredibly fortunate and is a lot more fun to play around with, as higher quality / resolution allows me more freedom with zooming / close-ups.

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Action, drama, moe, harem, art showcases, nude fanservice…I will probably release a true uncensored (explicit) version of that ED sequence some time in the future.I had hoped to release it today but I’ve just been so busy there’s been no time to make it.Even with sounds and subs off, by the time I hit episode fifteen I could tell this wasn’t your typical eroge adaptation.Starting from about episode 15 or so, I watched the rest as if I was watching anime normally.Youtube had some creditless stuff but the quality was just too low.

So I got a little creative to keep the OP creditless, and went with an eroge tribute for the ED, which actually uses a song from the Shuffle Memories OP.

DDL [1080p]: part1, part2 DDL [720p]: part1, part2 DDL (uncensored ED version) [1080p]: part1, part2 DDL (uncensored ED version) [720p]: part1, part2 __________________ Production Company: asread Vintage: Summer / Fall 2005 (Memories OVA: Winter 2007) _____________ As I’ve said before, I watch ecchi for the titties. was one of the most bad-ass anime movies of all time.

There are times when a nude fanservice series can actually surprise with effective comedy or a poignant, ensnaring story.

Over the second half of that series, there were several unpredictable moments, twists, character transformations that were either terrific fun or devastating, and an ending that genuinely got me to tear up.

I would recommend this series to fans of both fanservice and mainstream anime.

There was a lot more substance to Shuffle than you typically see in a harem series.