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During the riots in 1983, even though it did not directly affect us, we had to leave town to a different suburb of Colombo. I consider myself the odd one in between all of them. I had sisters, two elder to me and two younger, and brothers, one elder to me and one younger.

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Having gained his attention, the woman offered the sexual favours of the small boy accompanying her.He approached a young boy, whirled slowly on the ball of his foot. The boy agreed and the two walked off holding hands.When a social worker mentioned seeing this awkward ballet movement, she was told by a colleague from Thailand that it was a code used by paedophiles for picking up boys.'I'm not God to know what goes on inside my rooms,' the manager replied with a shrug.'But I tell you, I won't bring my own children here - not around these foreigners.' This was the last day of the Germans' filming.Relations between boys and girls are discouraged until marriage, and until then many Sri Lankans take a discreet and casual attitude towards homosexuality.

Some boys are lured into organised gangs who often run secluded villas co-financed by foreign paedophiles, while others have casual trysts on the beach with foreigners.

The foreigner's cash is offset by the child contracting such diseases as Aids and lasting sexual trauma.

No Aids study has yet been made on the 'beach boys'.

SOME German men were in a hotel room with three Sri Lankan village boys, aged seven, 11 and 14, having sex and filming it.

They would sell the pornographic video back in Europe. Downstairs, pacing around helplessly, was Maureen Seneviratne, a child rights' advocate.

Following the lead of Thailand and the Philippines, Sri Lanka is swiftly moving to pass tough laws to make abusing children punishable by up to 10 years in jail.