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Suden cam4 video

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South Sudan is one of the richest agricultural areas in the White Nile Valley, and agriculture provides a living for the majority of the population.

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But not a single cam4-stream was recorded by Jaksta.Note you will have to remove cam4 from the site specific settings or it will record by default. Site Specific Select cam4 if its there and click the minus sign to delete it.I'm interested in feedback from gold users and those that go into private shows to see if it can still download.If you do not meet these requirements, then you do not have permission to use the Website.Hi, I just bought the Jaksta Media Recorder 6 and found out that it is not recording the streaming media.First about 6x-bytes are created, than it stopped going further...

(I tried to get the log-file, but could not find any 'Preferences' menu to do that, as described in Ben's 4-point To Do-list 'How to generate logs'.) All of a sudden I started experiencing bad recording, though I installed the last version the other day. The player in your browser or your video player when you play back?

The 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement ended many tensions between the north and the south, and in 2011, with a 98% vote, the south seceded from Sudan.

While conflict still exists, South Sudan became a sovereign nation on July 9, 2011. The formerly unified Sudan was wracked with war and has been described as the world's least stable nation.

It says downloading in progress but 0 bytes as size. I did what you suggested in your answer to another quest.

The other one finished downloading but gives the same 0 size, in other words it's recording the stream but actually with 0 result. Btw, the previous Jaksta version (which I used till 2 days ago and lost trying to reboot it) was recording all multiple streams with no problems.

As per the other post - Cam4 has changed its streaming so that only one connection can be made.