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Taylor jardine and jordan eckes dating

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J-14: You're currently on the unofficially titled I Love Tourtles tour. Tay Jardine: There's a You Tube video from that kid on Halloween and the news reporter is like, "What are you being for Halloween?

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Jordan Eckes: Every Avenue is a bunch of really fun dudes. J-14: Do you have a favorite song off your new album ?Because ever since I was 19, that’s what I’ve been doing.So it’s such a different and fun way of working for me.Taylor Kathleen "Tay" Jardine (born March 7, 1990) is an American singer and songwriter.She is best known as the lead vocalist in the pop punk band We Are the In Crowd. , Tay Jardine has revealed that We Are The In Crowd are no more (for now).

The entire band, excluding guitarist Jordan Eckes, are moving on with a new poppier project, which focuses on Tay‘s vocals. “I was writing melodies in a way that didn’t involve two people, splitting parts from a male perspective or whatever.

The band changed their name after copyright problems with the Jamaican reggae band with the same name.

Instead of changing their name completely, they added "We Are" to the original name.

We Are The In Crowd has released an EP, Guaranteed to Disagree (2010), and two albums, Best Intentions (2011) and Weird Kids (2014). In February 2016, Jardine announced a new, unnamed musical project.

The project will include former We Are The In Crowd members, Mike Ferri and Cameron Hurley.

When she was young, her parents got divorced and her father moved to Florida.