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The workshop followed a rigorous structure of breakout group discussion and review of key issues.

In the United States and seven other countries, the regulatory authorities approved GH treatment (at doses up to 53 μg/kg·d) for children shorter than −2.25 SDS, whereas in other countries, lower cutoffs are proposed.Aromatase inhibition increases predicted adult height in males with ISS, but adult-height data are not available.Psychological counseling is worthwhile to consider instead of or as an adjunct to hormone treatment.ISS describes a heterogeneous group of children consisting of many presently unidentified causes of short stature.It is estimated that approximately 60–80% of all short children at or below −2 SDS fit the definition of ISS (7).Just on tumblr feeding my sex drive :) Up and coming XXXXXXXXXXXXXX actor lol ..

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A variety of disease states must be considered and ruled out in children presenting with severe short stature, yet a large number of such children remain without a definitive diagnosis and are labeled as having idiopathic short stature (ISS).

The Growth Hormone Research Society together with the Lawson Wilkins Pediatric Endocrine Society and the European Society for Pediatric Endocrinology agreed upon the organization of an international workshop in 2006 and convened it on October 17–20, 2007, in Santa Monica, CA, to review and weigh available evidence related to the evaluation and management of children with ISS.

Successful first-year response to GH treatment includes an increase in height SDS of more than 0.3–0.5.

The mean increase in adult height in children with ISS attributable to GH therapy (average duration of 4–7 yr) is 3.5–7.5 cm. IGF-I levels may be helpful in assessing compliance and GH sensitivity; levels that are consistently elevated ( Short stature is one of the most common concerns presenting to pediatric endocrinologists and other physicians caring for children.

Conclusions: ISS is defined auxologically by a height below −2 score (SDS) without findings of disease as evident by a complete evaluation by a pediatric endocrinologist including stimulated GH levels.