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Updating digital certificates

Then have the form notarized through one of the following methods: If they have questions and need to speak to someone at ORC, they can use the number below or email them.The ORC ACES Customer Service Team [email protected](888) 816-5503 They need to tell the person they are speaking with that they need a ACES Business Representative Certificate and that they are a foreign company.

Your organization, however, may have policies that require a different procedure.This method requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on the system, and Java Applet Plugin installed into the browser.The Java Applet Plugin has to be configured to use the installed JRE.A digital certificate is an electronic credentials that: If you are a Foreign Company trying to do business with the General Services Administration using e Offer/e Mod and need a digital certificate, follow the instructions below: Complete the application on the site for a "Aces Business Representative Certificate".Complete the Aces Business Representative application. The form does not currently accept foreign addresses, so in the field for the address put Virginia, 22030, United States.See your network administrator for more information.

To get an Exchange Server digital ID—for example, through Key Management Service—the administrator of your Exchange account must have security running on the server and give you a special password, which is known as a token.

The revocation does not impact any other Adobe software for Mac OS or other platforms.

Adobe issued updates for all impacted products to provide customers with software code signed using a new digital certificate.

In the text box below put the actual foreign address.

Submit the form and print the documents to be notarized.

Waiting for the Digital Certificate Management Application to finish...