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Updating reference tables

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You can cross-reference most objects in your document, such as graphics, drawing objects, OLE objects, and tables, so long as they have a caption.

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The Mac binary distribution works out of the box with SQLite. The IMAP option allows to use DAL to access IMAP.web2py defines the following classes that make up the DAL: The DAL object represents a database connection.A partial list of supported databases is show in the table below.Please check on the web2py web site and mailing list for more recent adapters.When the next http request arrives, web2py tries to recycle a connection from the pool and use that for the new transaction.If there are no available connections in the pool, a new connection is established. The pool grows up to the minimum between the value of then connection pooling is not used.While we do use some of the requirements from Rackham’s formatting guidelines to demonstrate the tools, you must verify the formatting requirements with the appropriate office.

These documents provide information that will help you use Microsoft Word effectively for your dissertation.

Connections in the pools are shared sequentially among threads, in the sense that they may be used by two different but not simultaneous threads. The parameter is ignored by SQLite and Google App Engine.

Connection pooling is ignored for SQLite, since it would not yield any benefit.

If you omit the WHERE clause, all records in the table will be updated!

The WHERE clause specifies which record(s) that should be updated.

In this case DAL will not connect to any back-end database, but the API can still be accessed for testing. Some times you may need to generate SQL as if you had a connection but without actually connecting to the database.