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Updating storymill on a new computer

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When you sign up for your free account on Mariner Cloud, you will be able to add recipes to the desktop version and sync them to your i OS device – and vice versa.

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Gourmet for i OS gives you full, two-way and incremental syncing.If you need to edit your recipe, you can do that too – from changing an image to creating a category.If you’re one who likes to follow a recipe from your i Pad, you’ll appreciate having a Chef’s View so you can work undistracted.Have as many journals as you want with as many entries as you want. While connected to a Wi Fi network, tap the “Sync”* button and Mac Journal displays a list of devices running Mac Journal on the same network. Documenting life’s events has never been easier with Mac Journal.To start the syncing process, tap the name of the device with which you want to sync. Now available for Mac OS X, i Phone and i Pad, it’s the only journaling and blogging app in the world to cover you in three different ways.You’re out shopping using the shopping list generated from the Mealplan – a dinner for 4 – you get the phone call. Don’t panic, Gourmet for i OS supports scaling so you’ll know how much more to buy.

The best part is that you can reset the recipe so it will display the original number of ingredients.

It's as easy as installing the Crash Plan app and creating an account – no credit card information required!

If you're new to Crash Plan PRO, check out our quick reference guide to quickly locate resources for setting up, configuring, and managing Crash Plan PRO for your business.

Whether you're replacing an existing computer or adding a computer to your account, this article can guide you to the Crash Plan backup solution that fits your needs.

If you're already using Crash Plan for Home or Crash Plan PRO to back up one or more computers, then the question to consider is, are you replacing an old computer, or adding a new computer to your account?

Because after all, you are an individual…and so is Mac Journal.