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Utorrent dht updating

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This is one step in the preparations we’re making for Bit Torrent Chat, which will rely on the DHT and benefits from having a DHT that’s harder to eavesdrop and scrape.These release notes include a list of all beta clients released via the website and auto-update.

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There already was a BEP to exchange arbitrary stuff, BEP44, for mutable or immutable items.I only use torrents from pulbic trackers so I think DHT is what i need, glad its back. This is an intriguing addition to Bittorrent; this kind of feature exists in IPFS [1], but of course Bittorrent has a much, much larger install base, so this progressive enhancement could bring similar or near-equivalent features to a wider audience.It's taken this long to use this BEP specifically for mutable torrents, though, because it turned out that not many people had a need for mutable torrents.Is this BEP44 actually implemented in most clients?Arvid Norberg, chief architect for Bit Torrent, Inc, introduces a new DHT bootstrap server.

This latest version introduces Node ID enforcement as an important step in our development for Bit Torrent Chat.

Any Bit Torrent peers are likely to be on the DHT as well, so those are also tried. We are now providing our DHT bootstrap server open source on github. Please play with it and contribute fixes, features, and performance improvements.

However, if you just installed a Bit Torrent client, and you don’t have any Bit Torrent peers, you must rely on a bootstrap server. The DHT bootstrapper has some interesting properties.

Indeed, I'm surprised it's taken this long for people to take advantage of bittorrent DHT for other p2p stuff.

You don't even need to change the protocol to start using it.

We rewrote the bootstrap server to have a flat array of nodes instead and to have two cursors, one for reading and one for writing new nodes into it.