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Uwatec trimix updating for galileo

Depth, dive time, deco information, tank pressure, RBT and temperature are always displayed.All alarms and warnings are displayed in clear text in the language of your choice so you never misunderstand essential beeps while engrossed in the fascinations of the underwater world.

uwatec trimix updating for galileo-76

So take a look through the offers available and buy your Uwatec Galileo Sol today! If you´re on the borderline between two sizes, order the smaller size for a tighter fit or the larger size for a looser fit.The result is Galileo, a completely innovative and new platform created by UWATEC, the dive industry leader since our first Aladin computer was introduced close to 20 years ago.Galileo by UWATEC is as revolutionary for diving as Galileo Galileis discoveries were for XVIIth century science. Galileo is a new state-of-the-art computer offering the ultimate in features and technological innovation for an extraordinary underwater experience.Since increased exertion while diving in deep water increases circulation and this in turn increases the nitrogen uptake, the heart rate can also be used to calculate decompression times even more accurately and make diving even safer.That's why the SCUBAPRO computers don't just show depth, no-stop times and the decompression schedule but also continuously inform the underwater athlete about his or her own heart rate, i.e.The HRM is also ideal for Apnea Divers (Free Divers), Measuring Heart Rate and Sounding an Alarm if the Heart Rate Drops below the Set Level.

The Heart Rate Monitor comes with Monitor Belt & Strap, Key Code to Download the Upgrade and Owner's Manual.

The FULL display maximizes the information shown at once: depth, dive time, deco information, tank pressure, RBT, time of day, stopwatch, active MB (micro-bubble suppression) level, temperature, heart rate, maximum depth, average depth.

The CLASSIC display strikes the perfect balance between “clean & clear” and “super complete”.

If you're a Serious Diver, and are looking for Increased Safety when Diving with the Uwatec Galileo, Terra or Luna Dive Computers (see SKU's: UTCGS, UTCGL, UTCGLW) you are going to want the Uwatec Heart Rate Monitor.

Galileo's Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), jointly developed with Polar (world leader in the field of heart rate monitors), not only Measures-and-Records the Heartbeat during the Dive but allows the Dive Computer to Factor the Intensity of the Exercise into the Decompression Calculation, as it is Reported by the Diver's Physiology.

his or her personal stress, which in turn is factored in when calculating other dive parameters.