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Validating fckeditor

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The PHP class and function calls put the necessary Javascript code into the HTML and in order to work these must be in a web visible place.At its simplest, this is all you need to do to get a working FCKeditor with PHP: The path in the require_once (you can also use include(), include_once() or require()) is the actual path on the server to the script and can be absolute or relative.

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A remote user can upload arbitrary files to the target system.Toolbar Sets["Custom"] = [ ['Source','-'], ['Bold','Italic','Underline','Strike Through','-','Subscript','Superscript'], ['Ordered List','Unordered List','-'], ['Justify Left','Justify Center','Justify Right','Justify Full'], ['Link','Unlink'], ] ; The following screenshot shows an FCKeditor window using the custom toolbar set above and a 520px x 100px setting for width and height.This screenshot has not been scaled down and all and is the actual size it would appear in your browser.Several connector modules in the 'editor\filemanager\connectors' directory do not properly validate user-supplied input.A remote user can submit a specially crafted request to upload files to arbitrary locations on the target system. Several scripts in the '_samples' directory permit cross-site scripting attacks. The original advisory is available at: Guido reported this vulnerability via o CERT.The easiest way to create a custom toolbar set is to open up the default file and copy and paste the default toolbar set into your new file and then remove the things you don't want.

A fairly minimal example might look like this: FCKConfig.

Hello, I am having a validation problem for text area editor using jquery plugin, here goes my code There is no problem with blank text area , it validates for the first time but even after when i input some thing in my text area then also it says this field is required and i need to double click sumbit button every time to post my form.

i'm using the fckeditor as the rich text box control.

The Value variable is the initial value you want to appear in the HTML editor and will likely come from a database.

Calling Create() then outputs the necessary HTML code to add the editor to your web browser.

(IE you add Hello, I have used the FCk Editor javascript API to validate input. On an insert it just opens an empty form - inconvenient for the user but I can't think of a workaround.