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With a recent study showing that 5% of male students had worked in some capacity in the sex industry, and the country’s premier X-rated sites reporting that more men are now camming than women, explores what’s driving men to strip and perform sex acts online, and how their explicit virtual world affects their real one.With the subjects of the documentary including a straight young father supporting his family, a gay guy from Wales and two straight guys who get intimate for the gratification of their huge gay following, we caught up with director Mobeen Azhar to discover exactly what makes these guys tick, and how sex is changing in a world where when anyone can click ‘record’ and become their own personal porn empire…

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And then you’ve got Martyn from Dorset – he’s 22 and cams with his best friend.‘So it’s up to the viewer to determine whether or not they’re human.Just a couple of weeks after British You Tube personality Calum Mc Swiggan decided to go public with the news that he engaged in live webcam sex shows as a teenager, a new BBC Three documentary airing tonight explores the explosion in British men engaging in webcam pornography to make money.They’re all on Instagram and Twitter, and they’re all trying to develop an individual following.The whole reason they can make so much money is because it’s bespoke, and because there’s interaction. You could ask why would anyone go online and pay for porn when you can find a webcam model who meets your exact specs, and then you can get them to do exactly what you want?Were the webcammers you spoke to quite keen to appear on the show, who was it hard to find people who were willing to talk about it so publicly?

Well as you can imagine, if you make your money from exposing your body online, there’s going to be an element of you that’s quite exhibitionist!

Are the guys keen to get involved in film industry porn, or are they quite happy being their own little business?

Well this is the interesting thing, because they’ve completely developed their own niche.

Only one of the guys in the film is actually gay – everyone else identifies as straight.

Is there a common theme that unites these guys when it comes to why they decided to start camming? There’s a 22-year-old straight guy called Pete, who’s got a partner and baby and who’s been bodybuilding since he was 14.

Martyn, for example, who presents as quite laddy, makes bespoke videos for one client where he’ll just drink beer and burp over and over again for 10 minutes.