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What to do now dating

No, the problem is that you EXPECT anything different. I am NOT telling you to accept all their bad behavior. Well, 2 weeks or so after that conversation, he phoned me again, and told me that things didn’t work out with that other lady and asked me out. I rarely feel as comfortable on a first date as I did with him, like we really “clicked”. And she has a really great chance of going on a second date with a man about whom she’s quite excited.

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Having expectations before you meet sets you up for failure, especially when a guys turns out to be totally different than the way he portrayed himself online. As much as you may want a good guy in your life, finding him as a single woman dating in her 50s, 60s and 70s poses its own set of challenges; challenges that can seem daunting at times.If you're like most women this age, you probably didn't date much when you were younger.If you like the idea of finding men "organically," you'll want to be in social situations where men over 50 congregate and you'll need to know how to approach them when you're interested. Right, you can learn the secrets for meeting the good guys you want, how to get them to notice you and exactly what to say once they do. Believing you'll just know he's the RIGHT GUY when he shows up. You spent time together at school or at work and you laughed and played as you experienced the things you loved in life.You put in the time getting to know each other, often spending years together before deciding ...When this happens, you can end up feeling depressed and hopeless about ever finding your guy. Go on future dates with the mind set of, "I'm going to meet someone new and interesting today." This will make dating far more fun for you.

Plus, it will keep you from making snap judgments about who you think a man is.

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