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Who is john cena dating in real life 2016

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Fans of John and I would really love to see that, too.” With all that attention on her relationship with Cena, was Nikki ever nervous about putting her personal life on display on television? “We kept our relationship personal for a long time, so we really had to sit down and talk about what it would mean for us.It was difficult for me because our ups and downs were now going to be out there for everyone to watch and have a say in.

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Nikki proposed him and also showed her interest in raising a family.But when I do remember, I always think to myself, “Yeah, my guy is the best thing in the world.” But to me he’s just John.” “Before I leave, I would love to have a storyline with John or a mixed tag match – anything really.It’s so much fun to go out there and work with the boys.They had their wedding and also had a daughter, name is Alanna Marie.He just loves her daughter and we have also seen that he has a tattoo of his daughter’s date of birth right on his left forearm. Then it was in last year when Randy Orton once again got engaged with Kimberley Kesslar.— Hideo Itami, formerly known as KENTA, will be making his NXT live event debut this Thursday in Jacksonville, Florida.

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In media this news spread out as an all-out war before the couple pleasingly settled two months before.

Elizabeth was not ready for this kind of action therefore she even tried to abolish the couple prenuptial agreement and Elizabeth also argued that John was not loyal to her and he was cheating with her from a long time.

Randy is brave, strong and unbelievable winner man who stays a long time in wrestling and not provides any ocean to won the other and not provide easy task with their competitor and also a big defender.

He has been tackled more then one person at a time in wrestling.

At that time Cena rejected her offer by claiming that yet he is not ready for any kind of relationship.