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Who is katy tur dating

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She had spoken to him five times and traded emails with him, all about a documentary that he had made about soldiers in Afghanistan.Tur had also dated Olbermann, although Mediaite reports that the pair split over a year ago.

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Source: deadline Trump shouted her, ‘There's something happening. Katy—you is not reporting it, Katy but there's something happening, Katy.Their relationship was always a target of media because of their 25 years age gap.They shared really good equation and looked happy together, however, life is often cited as a bunch of various ups and downs.Bob Tur created the legendary Los Angeles News Service, which was the first major news service to use a helicopter in its coverage of live breaking news. Bob Tur’s new service was also the first to begin televising O. Katy Tur’s first breakthrough job was as a news anchor on New York City’s massive CW11 channel.Before taking this position, Katy Tur was a student at UC Santa Barbara, and worked for Los Angeles’ KTLA.Apparently, they are enjoying their relationship and don’t want to get married for a while.

Katy and Keith Olbermann started dating since June 2006.

When asked to make a direct statement on Katy Tur’s uncanny success in the news media, Olbermann denied that Katy Tur was hired on the basis of any grounds besides talent, saying: “Anybody who suggests so is misinformed, or sadly unaware that in this time when the industry is collapsing around us, nobody gets a job based on ‘influence,’ only talent.” What got people whispering about the “influence” question is the fact that NBC, parent company of Olbermann’s bosses at the MSNBC network, recently acquired the Weather Channel, adding it to their already large sphere of media outlets.

If Olbermann assisted in Katy Tur’s hire in anyway, the news giant’s opponents will be crying “Nepotism! It would be a blotch on the careers of Tur, Olbermann, and on the face of NBC as a whole.

They got married in the year of 2006 after three years this couple broke up their relationship.

Because her husband is suffering from many diseases such as restless legs syndrome. They are loyal with each other but they got divorced.

The two have lived together in New York City since October 2006.