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Who is meiko dating

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Namura leaves in the train to Hiroshima, and Miki and Yuu find a crushed Meiko in the station.Several months pass, and Meiko slowly starts to recover with the help of Yuu, Miki and Satoshi.

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Meiko is specially close to the man, and now I'll tell you why.but his neighbors misunderstand the situation and call the school authorities.Miki is shocked to death when her friend Chigusa tells her that Meiko was suspended for dating Namura.Three years of normal friendship followed, until during Meiko's last junior high year they had a fight after Meiko peeked into Namura's schedule book and he wasn't pleased when he caught her.The nect day, Meiko came into the library as always to offer an apology to him, but Namura didn't arrive until several hours later.They started dating, but for obvious reasons they had to keep their relationship in secret.

In fact, not even Miki knew they were dating; the first one to find out was Yuu, who accidentally saw them sharing a kiss in the library and later confronted Meiko, but he promised not to tell anything to anyone else.

As they live together in the same house and come to know each other better, Miki and Yuu fall in love with each other, but their affair won't be a smooth path since several potential love intrests will raise one after another.

One of the most intresting (and somewhat polemic) plot points of the series involves an unrelated couple, though... Full name: Meiko Akizuki, Meiko Namura (after the end of the series)Age: 16Birthdate: October 28Astrological sign: Scorpio Blood type: AOccupation: Highschool student.

The manga was later adapted by Toei Animation into a 76 episode anime TV series which aired on Fuji Television.

There was also a short animated movie (only slightly longer than a normal episode) produced in 1995, which was a sort of prequel to the series."The main theme of MB is the relationship that blossoms between 16-year-old highschooler Miki Koishikawa and her stepbrother, Yuu Matsuura, son of the couple that Miki's parents swaped partners with.

This is mostly anime-based, but it'll also feature te manga when necessary. Disclaimers: Marmalade Boy belongs to Yoshizumi Wataru and Shueisha!