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Who is robert plant currently dating

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Robert Plant is patiently standing in a spacious dark wood and stained glass appointed event room on an upper floor of The Bowery Hotel, a trendy "it" spot on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

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"If it were world music, we would be the least-successful world musicians because we desecrate."We get a lot of energy from each other's singing," she notes of their creative back and forth."We both have similar places that we come from as singers-a lot of emotion, and sometimes the emotion overrides technique. He goes far and deep." Griffin seems bemused by the subject of online speculation about whether the two are married or not."Robert was always especially interested in the blues and, obviously, as he got older, he absorbed other styles.When he was younger, he was thinking about cabaret, sort of an Engelbert Humperdinck kind of singer."Plant even recently lived part-time in the USA for two years, sharing a home in Austin, Texas, with singer Patty Griffin. That's the question Patty Griffin set forth to answer when recording her seventh solo album, "American Kid," out May 7 on New West Records.

The cult singer/songwriter already connects with a legion of fans through songs detailing all manner of heartbreak and joy.

NEW YORK — Think about Robert Plant and the images of the "golden god" come to mind — the thick, blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, slim physique — combined with a bluesy yelp that practically defined the raw power of rock 'n' roll.

While his face may show signs of age at 66, much of his rock-star look remains intact.

The track is one of three that features Robert Plant.

The Led Zeppelin frontman, whom Griffin is dating and with whom she collaborates in the rootsy Band of Joy, sings harmony and gets a co-writing credit for rearranging the track, Griffin says.

Following the end of that relationship in 2013, he returned full-time to Worcestershire, England, not far from the Welsh border.