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Wiht out id sex chat

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If a passing woman gives him even a glimmer of a smile in response, he shouts after them, “Thank you for that smile, it’s free and beautiful.” After a few trains come in, he sells to one of his regulars, Terry Schoen, a 59-year-old IT consultant from the west coast of America who has lived in Maida Vale for nearly 20 years.

It is striking how many people make no eye contact and walk past, even when he is talking to them and trying to impress with his best rhyming sales pitch. If people acknowledge me and say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ that’s alright, at least they know I’m here and I’m getting a bit of social interaction with them….We just got chatting and the next thing I know he went to a cashpoint.I made £206 in one night, I got the rest selling the issue.“Despite that, the defendant, who was oblivious as to who the author was, offered to take her out for a ride in his car.” Mr Baker said the conversation turned to sexual matters, with Cox telling the ‘girl’, who said she was a virgin, that he would teach her how to, “pleasure a man”. Cox said he would come and pick her up, to take her back to his home, but she asked him to then drop her back home and she would have to make up a story to her parents as to where she had been.Mr Baker said the following day the paedophile-hunting vigilante group published pictures of Cox on social media and brought him to the attention of the police.“Jack’s dad gave it to him but he didn’t want it so he gave it to me.” Chris laughs at the suggestion it might be have value as a bit of fan memorabilia. ” Another half hour goes by with no sales and Chris is flagging.

He has been standing here all morning and only sold one magazine so decides to go back to his friend’s house for a snooze.

Durham Crown Court heard that the 62-year-old construction site manager, of previous good character, chatted with ‘Kelly Jo’ for almost two-and-a-quarter hours, on a website intended for over 18s, from a caravan he was living in at the time in Neasham, Darlington, on June 24, last year.

But, Chris Baker, prosecuting, said ‘Kelly Jo’ made it clear from the outset that she was a 15-year-old girl, indicating that she was at school throughout the duration of their exchanges.

The report added that he is considered a low risk of committing further sexual crime.

Robin Denny, for Cox, said unlike similar cases referenced in sentencing guidelines, there was no actual victim in this case.

A MAN who engaged in sexually explicit chat with what he thought was a 15-year-old girl on the internet, became the latest offender snared by paedophile hunters.