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Detective Kate Mc Bain investigates the strangulation murders of several young women after sex and connects up with a suspect through an escort service.

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She proceeds to her next target - another wealthy man who has a ...The council ordered Aegwynn to return to Dalaran so that they could choose a successor.Aegwynn, ever distrustful of the council, decided to select a successor on her own.The reason Shannon Tweed no longer appears nude in films is because she no longer looks good nude. These girls (strippers, soft-core porn workers) apparently don't age well, and Tweed is no exception.The reason for that is simple: she is 43 in this movie (48, almost 49 at this writing) and showing her age. The problem isn't that she doesn't appear nude here (I am grateful that she doesn't.One look at her clothed and you know you do not want to see her naked), it's that this is just a bad movie.

Tweed is not a good actress and cannot convince us she is a cop.

Cora was buried in a pink coffin at Hamburg's Ohlsdorf Cemetery on 2 February 2011.

In May 2011, however, cemetery officials demanded that her husband remove a four-feet tall marble angel and memorial photos that marked the grave, claiming the $15,000 installation was "too sexy".

Stilted dialogue, awkward direction, poor editing, bad acting, this film has them all.

There aren't enough sex scenes (with younger, better-looking women than Tweed) to justify renting this.

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