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A look at the year’s film-affiliated offerings reveals an interesting mix of trendsetting musical frontrunners, nostalgic throwbacks, and a couple left-of-center outliers whose true zaniness cannot be expressed through words alone.

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So, this glorious Valentine's Day, here are some lessons to remember when you're .I met someone on Scruff last fall (that's the gay dating app). Finally, we arranged to meet up one Tuesday evening. I texted back, “Why are you getting in touch with me? I feel like my desire for connection has been unfairly sharecropped, taken out of my control, and given hundreds of aisles to wander through. And when you do…Be Classy There is someone out there, like you, who is sexual and funny and not a jerk. Just send out some signals and get back to living your fulfilling, action-packed life. Displaying endless photos of your abdominals, documenting every dumb entree you have eaten (or every fashion show you've seen), trumpeting out your opinions in a constant stream is less a display of command and more a show of insecurity (Hi, Mr. And if someone sends you a 12-page message, they are probably thirteen years old.He got my attention because he was a former backup dancer for Madonna. Then the texts started again, with him asking me to call him to make plans, almost shaming me into thinking I was superficial and shallow for not talking on the phone. Sometimes I am left feeling numb by it all, and then I can make myself very sad thinking I have lost something essential that I used to have within me, some former time when I was fresh and unmarred. Your desire and need for love is not gone or killed or irrevocably destroyed. And for some surprising reason, this guy befriended me. ” I remember saying to him, confused how someone this popular was being kind to me. The letter I never sent is on graph paper, fastidiously decorated with checkers around the edges (so '80s! It documents every thought and action of mine the week I left camp, beginning with the moment I left him. I was so depressed that I didn’t say goodbye to you and Meghan and Kevin. I think the people sitting by me thought I was an orphan or something. Maybe this was the time I finally realized I shouldn’t heap all my feelings on this person.He cut my hair, cut off the sleeves of my T shirts, and gave me a tape of Blondie’s album. Camp has made me more sensative(sic) and…how do I put this? Maybe I realized, for once, that what I was writing was really more for myself than for someone else.This may be more for me than for you because at any moment, 24 hours of every day, there is the potential for me to unlearn these lessons and do something really dumb. Your Online Avatar is the Real You It seems still in our internet age that people don’t realize your electric representation of you is .

So, if someone is racist or angry or cynical in their profile, they are racist, angry, and cynical in real life.

While 1987 might not be the first choice that springs to mind when thinking about which years have delivered the strongest soundtracks, the year certainly holds its own in the discussion due to its less-is-more approach to overall impact.

What 1987 lacks in the quantity department, it more than makes up for in the adventurous quality of what’s contained within each album’s varied collection of songs.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: PEOPLE WHO USE ALL CAPS IN THEIR MESSAGES OR PROFILES. UNLESS YOU WANT TO DATE SOMEONE WHO TALKS AT YOU LIKE A NEWS PUNDIT AT ALL TIMES. After 15-plus years into this electrodating bizarro world I apparently still needed to learn the lesson that if someone seems crazy online, they are crazy. And Yet On that note, if the digital world is real life, then you will still make mistakes, because we always make mistakes. You Are Not Dead Inside I certainly don’t pine like I used to when I was 13 and writing lovelorn letters. There's a gorgeous garden inside of you, so tend to it with care and make sure you don’t let too many people trample all over the grass.

If They Sound Crazy, Then They Probably Are Crazy Forgive me for the below byzantine example, but I just need to explain how I was recently gaslighted. Finally, in December he got in touch, texting me a photo of a Christmas tree. I was in the hospital and thus couldn’t contact you by phone! Mostly because now, as a single person, I don’t need to. Now there there are too many channels and too many people and too much potential. And if they do, then put up a fence for a couple months so the grass can grow back.

Occasionally, the old and new were even haphazardly blended together to try and reach both camps, which is the only explanation for the goofy, you’ve-got-to-hear-it-to-believe-it Back to the Beach soundtrack.