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Alice Cooper’s guitarist Dick Wagner played guitar on “Flaming Youth” and “Sweet Pain” instead of Frehley.He also added acoustic guitar on Kiss’ smash hit “Beth,” Sadly, Wagner was never credited for his work on the album. Producer Bob Ezrin introduced the band to string arrangements from the New York Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra, who played on “Beth” 12.

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“Beth” was a last minute addition to ‘Destroyer” because Stanley and Simmons said “it was not a typical Kiss song.” 34.8 in C Minor, opus 13 “Pathétique”, but songwriting is credited to Simmons and Ezrin. The choir section on “Great Expectations” was performed by the Brooklyn Boys Chorus. The drums on “Gods of Thunder” are reversed on the recording. Bob Ezrin’s sons, David and Josh Ezrin are the children’s voices at the beginning of “God of Thunder.” 19. ” is an instrumental called “Rock & Roll Party” 23.“Shout It Out Loud,” “Flaming Youth,” and “Detroit Rock City” were the first three singles and failed to boost sales any further. ’ and ‘Destroyer’ enabled the band to embark on their first tour of Europe. Peter Criss recorded a new version of “Beth” for his 1994 solo album Cat #1. “Detroit Rock City” was written for a real Kiss fan who was killed in a car accident on his way to a Kiss concert. The title “Detroit Rock City” was the title of the god-awful 1999 motion picture, which revolves around a Kiss concert in Detroit. “God of Thunder” is considered to be Gene Simmons’ theme song, but the song was actually written by Paul Stanley. During live shows, Simmons often does his blood-spitting antics and bass solo during “God of Thunder.” 28. Peter Criss co-wrote “Beth” with guitarist Stan Penridge, while the two were members of the band Chelsea. “Beth” was originally called “Beck” after Chelsea bandmate Mike Brand’s wife, Becky, who would call often during practices to ask Mike when he was coming home.The official release date for ‘Destroyer’ is March 15, 1976, making this year the 40th anniversary of one of the band’s hallmark records.In all honesty, when I was that budding teenager listening to ‘Destroyer,’ one of the reasons I had to listen to it over and over was because the album was different from the straightforward raw rock of what I was used to on their first three records I owned.Not only was Kiss my first concert, but it was my first taste of alcohol (cherry vodka, so gross), the first time I smelled pot, and saw a stoned guy eat 14 hot dogs.

(Yes, we counted.) The lights went down after the opening band (Queensryche) and the four members of Kiss, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick, rose from the back of the stage with the big, bold Kiss lights blinking in unison to “Detroit Rock City.” I had never heard that song before because I didn’t own ‘Destroyer’ yet. As you might have guessed, the show blew my 13-year-old mind.

But when you are the biggest band in the world, you pretty much get what you want, and Kiss used the painting.

That was 32 years ago, and Kiss’ ‘Destroyer’ was released eight years prior to me seeing them live.

The next day I told mom I had to increase my Kiss collection.

I had to find “Detroit Rock City.” I gave her my allowance to buy me ‘Destroyer’ on her lunch break from work, as she would often do. The cover was almost as cool as ‘Love Gun’ in all its blue, purple and yellow glory with the band standing on a pile of rubble.

Like many kids of the 1970s, my life was changed forever by Kiss.