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Aleksanteri Matinpoika Wälimaa was also known as Alexander Vallie (on the 1930 Federal Census).He married first to Maija Eliina He was buried at West Yarmouth Cemetery, Section B., Lot 117 [unmarked], West Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

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His estate was probated on 3 April 1811 at Plymouth County Probate #18891 - Administration, Hingham, Massachusetts. His family lived on Leavitt Street, "over the Delaware".Aleksanteri Matinpoika Wälimaa was also known as Alexander Valle (on his Marriage Certificate to his 3 wife).Aleksanteri Matinpoika Wälimaa was also known as Alec Vali (on his son Anselm's Birth Certificate).Ansel Abel Valli was also known as Anselm Vali (as found on his birth certificate) [Ansel is the nickname for Anselm]. Aleksanteri Matinpoika Wälimaa was also known as Alexander Vali (on the 2nd page of his Naturalization Papers).Ansel Abel Valli was also known as Ansel Wali (as found on the 1900 MA census). Vallei (as found on military records & mililtary tombstone). He had been taken to the hospital earlier that day in the Lower Cape Ambulance. Aleksanteri Matinpoika Wälimaa was also known as Alec Vallei [on son Ansel Vallei's death certificate].Cousin, Ronald Edward Lincoln told me that Daniel was the man that set out the "Button Wood" tree at Hingham Center at the corner of Main and Leavitt Streets to provide shade for his village smithy. The files can contain a wide variety of records submitted to support an application.

Daniel is buried at Hingham Centre Cemetery, at the corner of Cherry Walk and West Walk. Birth of Grace Sprague Citation Information: Vital Records of Hingham, Massachusetts, ca. (Online database: New England, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2006. Information of genealogical interest includes the application itself, which can provide the soldier’s name, rank, unit, time of service, age, date of birth, residence, and sometimes birthplace.

- I give to my son Joseph the whole of my wearing apparrel. He was a Chief Motor Machinest Mate from Apr 1920 to .

Lastly, I do hereby appoint my sons Daniel and Laban, Joint Executors to this my Will and testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by me made. He was buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Section F, Eastham, Massachusetts. Intermittently he worked in a shoe repair shop (Gin remembers that because she use to love to go there because she loved the smell) and as a chauffeur for Mr.

His estate was probated on 2 April 1808 at Norfolk County Probate #17136 - Will, Cohasset, Massachusetts; Transcribed by Richard Dennis Souther from the original Will of Joseph Souther, Norfolk Probate #17136, held at the Norfolk County Probate Court in Dedham, MA. I Joseph Souther of Cohassett, in the County of Norfolk, & Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Yeoman, Being weak in body, but in Sound & perfect mind & memory, Blessed be Almighty God for the same.

Do make & publish this my last Will and testament in manner & form following.

In witness whereof I have hreunto Set my hand, Seal this Second day of April in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight hundred and eight. Funeral services will be from his home at 2 pm tomorrow with the Reverend Leonard Heap, pastor of First Congregational Church officiating. Ansel's birth certificate gives his name as Anselm Vali, (Ansel is the anglicized form of Anselm), the 1900 Federal Census for Massachusetts, enumerated only one month after his birth records his name as Ansel Wali, his marriage certificate as Ansel Abell Valli and his death certificate as Ansel A. Laughlin founder or at least part owner of the "Jones and Laughlin Steel Company".