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Www metal dating

Evolutionists appeal to radioactive dating because it appears to confirm the deep time their models demand, but the actual data don’t match the evolutionary model.

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The critical closed-system assumption is not realistic—no system can remain unaffected by its environment over millions of years.Determining the half-life of Rb presents scientists with a challenge for two reasons.First is the extremely long half-life of Rb, and second is because Rb beta decays with a relatively small energy of 275 ke V.When they do occur in rock samples, they are usually in such small amounts that they cannot be seen without a microscope (see Figure 1).Therefore, separating the element from the rock sample is difficult.The results of these measurements have varied from 4.77 ± 0.10 x 10 and is the current value recommended by the Union of Geological Sciences.

Whether this decrease is real or simply due to better measurement techniques remains uncertain.

One basic assumption that was outlined in a previous —constant decay rates—is equally invalid for this dating method.

A second basic assumption, that the rock suite remains a truly closed system over millions of years, is simply not reasonable since both Rb and Sr are mobile and easily transported via diffusion or hydrothermal action in a rock suite.

During beta decay, the decay energy is shared; thus, the emitted beta particle has a spectrum of energies rather than a single unique energy, making direct detection of the beta particle difficult.

From 1964 through 2012, seven attempts were made to directly measure the half-life of Rb.

The scientific method simply does not allow isochron-model dating to be presented as scientific fact.