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To join this group, please skype David Hay (david.hay25) or email David Hay with your Skype username (skype is better).Access is open to anyone interested in participating in discussions.

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Type in the box at the bottom of the pane to kick off the conversation.There are a number of reasons why you wouldn’t want a record of your chats on the computer. No matter why you need it, Skype makes it a simple and painless process to clear all, or a portion of your chat history. As a part of this rollout, Skype is introducing unique links that can be used to invite others to chats.The links can be shared however you choose – in email, via apps like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter or Whats App, or anywhere else that makes sense.As Skype does well enough for smaller meetings with a few participants who only need to chat, message, share files or screenshare, the option to invite anyone could boost its usage.

Note that the skype chats are now deprecated in favour of a chat based tool: https://org/ There are several Skype group chats used by the FHIR community.

Choose how long you’d like to keep your chat history. Click the Clear history button to clear all your chat logs.

Skype includes support for group voice chats, also known as conference calls.

Once the chat group is created on Skype, you can add as many friends as you want to the group.

You can invite the Skype users to a Skype chat group even from your Android smartphone with just a few taps.

Click the Call or Video call icon to add a phone call or video conference to your chat.