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Successful in Space For a nation desperately in search of heroes, Rakesh Sharma literally arrived out of the blue.

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He shuttled with his flock between Pune, Oregon, Manali and then back to Pune.Easily India's most controversial President, Giani Zail Singh created an unprecedented constitutional crisis when he came dangerously close to dismissing Rajiv Gandhi's government at the height of the Bofors scandal. The man who once declared that he'd happily sweep the floor if only 'Mrs Gandhi asked and played a key role in getting Rajiv elected prime minister almost succeeded in writing finis to the Nehru dynasty's rule.The Giani's folksy style and rustic Punjabi humour ensured that Rashtrapati Bhavan was never far from the headlines.By the end of the decade he had written 600 books and earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records. Style for Scandal The real raja of Amethi - as opposed to Rajiv Gandhi - started off the decade by using his political clout to ensure that Rajiv won the Amethi seat by a record margin and then wound up opposing him by joining the Jan Morcha.Supposedly in retaliation, the CBI made Sanjay Singh the target of its investigations into the death of badminton star, Syed Modi.For a self-confessed professional politician, the ornamental role of President clearly proved restrictive.

For the first time, Rashtrapati Bhavan became a power centre where conspiracies were hatched.

In belated acknowledgement, she was awarded the Nobel Prize for peace on the eve of the decade-and the Bharat Ratna in 1980.

Whether it was West Beirut, Nellie, or famine-hit Ethiopia, Mother Teresa was there showering love and solace on the unfortunate.

He even claimed he had been offered Rs 40 crore to dismiss Rajiv.

But in the anti-climax of the decade, the Giani backed off and slid into retirement, penning his memoirs and awaiting his return to the political akhara.

Controversy's Bhagwan It could only have been Oshomosis.