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And, says Duxbury, most older parents admit to an occasional sense of not quite fitting in.For her, it was the moment that someone assumed she was her daughter's grandmother.

So, the topic of raising children without siblings also comes up."There are times that I get tired, but I think having Zoe has energized me," says Hemenway. My husband and I look at our daughter in awe, wondering, what would we have done without her?" What about the ethics of having children when you know you may not live to see the child's 30th birthday?They may not feel quite in sync with other moms." Older mothers may be going through menopause while taking care of an infant.They don't bounce back from sleep deprivation or stress like they did in their 20s.It took years of trying to conceive, several miscarriages, and finally treatment by a reproductive endocrinologist, before Hemenway gave birth.

Now, at the age of 50, she is about to adopt a second child.

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So far, most attention in this field has been on the medical safety of the older mother -- getting her and the fetus safely through pregnancy and birth, since risk to both mother and child increases as a woman ages.

But now the critical mass of older mothers is gaining another focus: What happens after the child is born?

29, 2000 -- Older moms -- even really old moms -- pushing strollers, wiping babies' noses, are a common sight these days.